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Seditio v130
Seditio 130 Son Versionu
Seditio 130 Final Sşrşmş

- Changelog :şal=hist130
- Features 3 skins over the 4 planned, theses skins are not all polished yet.
- Features the auto-installer and the auto-updater :

To upgrade, just copy/over the new PHP files (Folder system/... and ALL the PHP files in the root) as usual, then go into the admin panel and read the stuff there.

Note that the SQL upgrade is NOT required for now (between v125/126 and this v130 beta), it's all optional, so you could aswell run your current v125/126 databse with v130 system files, it's ok.

For the new installations, if something goes wrong, delete the file /datas/config.php, delete all the table with PhpMyAdmin ("Delete", not "Empty") and reopen the home URL to relaunch the auto-installer so it can recreate a fresh configuration file and a fresh SQL database.

Once you're done with the install or upgrade, remove the files and folders :


Just in case.


What's not yet in this build :

- The anti-hammer is still broken.
- Most of the PHP files are not tagged with the correct date and version (doesn't impact normal use).
- I may change the way the user is authenticated (see the other thread about this)
- Some bug fixes and tweaks left.
- Some plugins are currently being reworked (Recentitems, ContactUs skinnable, ...)
- I will provide the raw SQL scripts if you want to upgrade the old way, with PhpMyadmin (recommended for custom setups).
- In case I make new changes in the SQL after this build (and before the final v130), then this beta build will "become v129", and of course the final v130 will be able to self-upgrade from this "fake v129". This is possible because in the admin panel you can arbitrarily mark the SQL database with a different version number.

- Auto-installation (you can still run the SQL yourself if you want to).
- Auto-upgrader (build 130 can self-upgrade from a 125 or 126, not from an older version).
- 3 new skins (8 years, Iridium, Clouds).
- The Xtemplate library (skins) is back as a separate file.
- New version of the Xtemplate library (full backward compatibility).
- New option to preset the country for the new members.
- New plugin "Contact", thats the old plugin "Contact Us" skinnable and rebuilt.
- New plugin "Self-Check", to check the system files versions.
- Plugin "Parser Manager" provided (but not installed by default).
- Improved popups for the [thumb] BBcodes, centered and fitted to the images.
- More details on the History page here.
- The bug fixes and enhancements are detailled in the Project tracker.
1.   Posted by Kaan   2010-02-21 19:22        

Google Translate ?eviriyi kullan?n o daha iyi her ne kadar tam ?eviri yapmasada benim i?imi g?r?yor..

2.   Posted by MUST!   2010-02-20 19:30        

bunu t?rk?eye ?evirecek kimse yokmu.? hemencevirden dendim anlams?z c?mleler ??kt?

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Seditio v130
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