Seditio CMS v178 Blog

Seditio CMS v178 Blog

2023-03-22 17:57

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Seditio 178 Blog

Seditio 178 Blog Version Fast and Security

Neler Yeni;

  • New Responsive Sympfy Skin
  • Separate skin for admin panel
  • Breadcrumbs for all parts of the kernel
  • PHP 8.1 support
  • Completely removed BBcode functionality , now only HTML mode, in collaboration with Jevix typographer
  • New module "Directories and extrafields" for adding extrafields . (so far for Page)
  • XML Sitemap
  • New functions for generating thumbnails (crop & resize) on the fly and using them in tpl files. {THUMB_FILENAME_TAG|crop_image(%s, 800, 600)}   {THUMB_FILENAME_TAG|resize_image(%s, 800, 600)}
  • Functions for generating Captcha + new plugin Sedcaptcha
  • Updated Ckeditor and a new model for connecting on the fly to text fields via the data-editor attribute (data-editor="Micro", data-editor="Medium", data-editor="Extended")  <textarea name="newpagetext" data- editor="Extended">
  • New Uploader plugin for attaching thumbnails to website pages.
  • New module for creating menus on the Menu Manager website
  • New slider plugin for homepage
  • New plugin Otherpages
  • SEO Improvements
  • Autogenerate alias with transliteration from page title
  • New planin for sending mail via Smtp

+ more than 100 fixes and minor improvements. 

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